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At Entrepreneurial Spark we believe that thinking and acting like entrepreneurs is not just for entrepreneurs, it’s a 21st century skill. 

Thriving in a world of exponential change means it is crucial to encourage these skills for growth and long-term sustainability of businesses, and more importantly, the people who work in them. 

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Our vision

To inspire and enable positive social change through the action of Entrepreneuring.

Our mission

Welcome to the Entrepreneuring Revolution. We are on an adventure to positively impact the lives of as many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as possible through the development of a #GoDo mindset and entrepreneurial behaviours.

What is Entrepreneurial Spark?

Entrepreneurial Spark is a team of mindset enablers. Since our creation six years ago we have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create positive social change. We do this via a unique focus on developing the mindset and behaviours of every individual we work with, making them more resilient, action-led and focused, true entrepreneurial leaders. We are now taking this way of thinking to new markets, new customers and the wider public with our unique mindset development programmes.

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