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Veracity Trust Network – at Digital City Festival, Manchester

Veracity Trust Network to sponsor and talk about the growing threat of cyberattacks at this month’s Digital City Festival

Pioneering Leeds-based tech company Veracity Trust Network has agreed a sponsorship deal with this year’s Digital City Festival.

Taking place across Manchester between 27th and 31st March, the Digital City Festival is an annual occasion that sees the digital community coming together to engage and inspire each other across a series of cultural events and exhibitions, as well as networking opportunities and sessions.

Veracity Trust Network will sponsor The Tech Debrief; one of three specially curated sessions hosted by Prolific North, which will take place at Bruntwood SciTech’s Bright Building on 28th March. The event is an unmissable opportunity for senior decision makers and leaders working in tech-powered business to take part in exciting sessions on tech for good, gain valuable tips on how to scale their businesses internationally, and enjoy a line-up filled with impressive tech leaders.

During the event, Stewart Boutcher, Veracity Trust Network’s CTO, will deliver a talk: ‘Why should you care about cyberattacks on your website, and what can you do about it?’. This insightful session will teach participants what they can do to prevent attacks that could result in loss of revenue, reputation damage, and even customer trust.

Veracity Trust Network’s participation in this year’s Digital City Festival follows the firm’s recent rebrand from its previous company name, Beacon, together with the launch of its revolutionary Website Threat Protection software.

A machine-learning bot detection solution that safeguards online revenue, competitive edge, and brand reputation, the new Veracity platform is applicable to any business operating a website and blocks a wide range of bot attacks, preserving website performance, while optimising infrastructure costs and security resources.

Discussing the forthcoming Digital City Festival, Nigel Bridges, CEO of Veracity Trust Network, said: As an event dedicated to bringing the digital community together while providing a platform to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the tech and digital sectors today, Digital City Festival provides an ideal opportunity to increase awareness of the Veracity Trust Network brand. It will help showcase the capability and success of our Ad Fraud Protection solution, and bring our new Veracity Website Threat Protection software to market.

“We look forward to meeting like-minded peers to discuss the challenges around online security and fraud, while demonstrating how businesses can keep one step ahead with bot detection as the digital world continues to evolve.”

Co-founded by forward- thinking tech entrepreneurs Nigel Bridges, Stewart Boutcher and Mike Townend, the development of the new Website Threat Protection software follows the continued growth of the Veracity Ad Fraud Protection solution – which detects bots and blocks them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Search Ads, and Microsoft Search Ads to maximise digital advertising spend and increase ROI.

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