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Practically every film production these days needs some kind of visual effects work, but independent creators often lack the cash or expertise to get that top-shelf CG. Wonder Dynamics, founded by VFX engineer Nikola Todorovic and actor Tye Sheridan, aims to use AI to make some of these processes more accessible for filmmakers with budgets […]

Few companies have done better than Scale at spotting a need in the AI gold rush early on and filling that gap. The startup rightly identified that one of the tasks most important to building effective AI at scale — the laborious exercise of tagging data sets to make them usable in properly training new […]

Over the last few days, we’ve published several articles recapping panels from last week’s TechCrunch Early Stage virtual conference. Each story is based on an interview with a founder or investor who addressed some of the most common startup dilemmas. Predictably, they’re mostly focused on the how and why: How do I get into an […]

The planet-loving folks at the Sustainable Ocean Alliance started an accelerator a couple years back focusing on very early stage companies, but this year they’re expanding the program to accept those who have already closed their first round. The mix of experimental and (comparatively) proven approaches may help diversify the accelerator’s growing network. “Last year, […]

Melissa Bradley wears many hats. She’s the co-founder of a startup called Ureeka, an investor at 1863 Ventures, and a professor at Georgetown’s business school. So it’s not an understatement to say that she understands the fundraising process from every angle. And moreover, she has both invested and fundraised for her own startup during this […]

Shorthand, the Australian startup behind a no-code platform that allows publishers and brands to create multimedia stories, has raised $10 million Australian (just under $8 million U.S.) from Fortitude Investment Partners. CEO Ricky Robinson told me via email that this is Shorthand’s first institutional round of funding, and that the company has been profitable for […]

Jorge Torres Contributor Share on Twitter Jorge Torres is CEO and co-founder of MindsDB, an open source AI layer for existing databases. Adam Carrigan Contributor Share on Twitter Adam Carrigan is a co-founder and COO of MindsDB, an open source AI layer for existing databases. Open-source software gave birth to a slew of useful software […]

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 1,000 times. Startup Alley is ground zero for entrepreneurial opportunity. It’s where hundreds of savvy, exhibiting startups increase their brand recognition, connect with investors, grow their network, expand their customer base and garner invaluable media coverage. TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 takes place on September 21-23, and we’ve added new […]

Digital mortgage lender Better.com has raised a $500 million round from Japanese investment conglomerate SoftBank that values the company at $6 billion. The financing is notable for a few reasons. For one, that new $6 billion valuation is up 50% from the $4 billion it was valued at last November when it raised $200 million […]

TechCrunch is hosting a small virtual event on April 15 for startups in Detroit and we’re still looking for a few startups to pitch at the event. The deadline is today, Friday, April 9th. Apply below. Want to attend the free event? Register here. TechCrunch just published a feature on Detroit-darling StockX, and this meetup […]

During a seed funding round, a founder needs to convince a venture capital investor on a vision. But during a Series A fundraise, napkin-stage ideas don’t make the cut — a founder needs product progress, numbers, and revenue (or at least a plan to eventually generate some). In many ways, the stakes are higher for […]

‘Space selfie’ business looks to use his experience for the next stage of its growth

While visual ‘no code‘ tools are helping businesses get more out of computing without the need for armies of in-house techies to configure software on behalf of other staff, access to the most powerful tech tools — at the ‘deep tech’ AI coal face — still requires some expert help (and/or costly in-house expertise). This […]

Geomiq, a B2B manufacturing platform from London, provides Instant quotes and Instant ordering of custom manufactured parts through trusted manufacturing partners. Raised £2.9M  Recently, the company has secured £2.9 million funding in a seed round from a consortium of investors, including Samaipata, Sova VC, Fuel Ventures, Tekton Ventures, and Eka Ventures.  The funding will be […]

According to a study conducted by UNESCO, to meet global education demands 68 million more teachers are required: 24 million for primary and 44 million for secondary education. UK-based EdTech startup Guide Education aims to fill this gap. Netflix for teacher training Now, Guide Education has announced to have raised $8.25 million (£6 million approx.) […]

French startup Vybe has raised a $2.9 million funding round (€2.4 million) to build a challenger bank for teens. The company is currently testing its product with a soft launch. Users get a Mastercard payment card paired with an e-wallet. Each Vybe account comes with its own IBAN so that users can send and receive […]

With over 97 million debit cards in the UK, making 50 million transactions a day, spending an average of £36 a time, harnessing a humble debit card as a green weapon makes a huge sense, especially when an average transaction emits 8.64kg of CO2. This is where the green fintech, Tred comes in. The London-based […]

The office shut-down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year spurred huge investment in digital transformation and a wave of tech companies helping with that, but there were some distinct losers in the shift, too — specifically those whose business models were predicated on serving the very offices that disappeared overnight. Today, one […]

Corporate catering company Elior has acquired French startup Nestor for an undisclosed amount. Nestor originally started with a simple idea to differentiate itself from food delivery giants, such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and others. Every day, the startup offered a single menu for lunch. If you liked what was on the menu, you could order […]

Index Ventures, a London-based VC firm recently announced Index Origin, a new $200 million (nearly £146 million) dedicated seed fund meant to support founders all over the world to build iconic companies of tomorrow. This fund brings together the focus and community of a dedicated seed fund along with the network, resources and reach of […]

PlayerData is an Edinburgh-based startup that aims to transform the way amateur and professional sports teams train through software, analytics, gamification, and wearable technology. Raised £1.6M Recently, the company has raised $2.3 million (approx £1.6 million) from Hiro Capital, a London/Luxembourg VC fund investing across Games, Esports, Streaming, and Digital Sports. Sir Terry Leahy, former […]

Iyuno-SDI Group, a provider of translated subtitles and other media localization services, announced today it has raised $160 million in funding from SoftBank Vision 2. The company said this makes the fund one of its largest shareholders. Iyuno-SDI Group was formed after Iyuno Media Group completed its acquisition of SDI Media last month. In a […]

Based out of London, TrueLayer is a fintech platform that’s building an open banking network that brings together payments, financial data, and identity. Raised £51M Recently, the company has raised $70 million (approx £51 million) funding in a Series D round led by new investor Addition. This brings the total funding raised to date to […]

Did Seaspiracy made you think to switch to vegan seafood? Or the Netflix anti-fishing documentary and also Cowspiracy forced you to consider becoming a vegan completely? Well, you’re not alone! Global searches for ‘vegan seafood’ have skyrocketed since the movie debut and seems to be changing people’s perception of seafood. At the same time, if […]

The ‘2021 Forbes European technology 30 Under 30‘ list has been released and it includes the most successful entrepreneurs from every corner of the world.  This year’s judges are 2020 Under 30 alum Hanno Renner (co-founder and CEO, Personio), Luciana Lixandru (Partner at Sequoia), Ida Tin (co-founder and CEO, Clue), and Laurel Bowden (partner at […]

The winner will be given access to networking opportunities and the chance to participate at the UK event later this year

Product-led growth is all the rage in the Valley these days, and we had two leading thinkers discuss how to incorporate it into a startup at TechCrunch Early Stage 2021. Tope Awotona is the CEO and founder of Calendly, which bootstrapped for much of its existence before raising $350 million at a $3 billion valuation […]

Realworld has a big vision — founder and CEO Genevieve Ryan Bellaire told me her goal is “simplifying adulthood.” And the New York startup has raised $3.4 million in seed funding to make it happen. Apparently that’s something Ballaire struggled with herself in her early twenties. Despite being a lawyer with an MBA, she said […]

Being a successful early-stage investor is about a lot more than simply identifying trends. A successful VC needs to think several steps ahead. For MaC Venture Capital founder Marlon Nichols, it’s an ability that’s helped him spot big names like Gimlet Media, MongoDB, Thrive Market, PlayVS, Fair, LISNR, Mayvenn, Blavity and Wonderschool early on. Nichols […]

Viewed from the outside, board selection and corporate governance can seem like a bit of a black box — particularly at a startup. Generation Investment Management partner Dave Easton spoke at TechCrunch Early Stage about how to build a board as a founder, and specifically how to build a board you can live with. Easton’s […]

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