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General Interest

An award-winning electric vehicle charging company is set to step up the roll-out of charging points across the country after securing a £1.5 million investment. Elmtronics, which is the leading independent provider of charging points, has raised the funding from the North East Venture Fund (NEVF), which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and managed […]

The knowledge of cancer has greatly improved in the past few years, thanks to technological advancements. Despite that, curing cancer remains one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. However, new approaches are being taken by various companies across the world to tame the immune system in the fight against cancer. Raised £52.7M The […]

Teleoperated Robots, in recent years, have come to prominence in various spheres of applications like space, underwater exploration, military, and more.  Worldwide sales of service robotics exceeded $17 billion (approx £13 billion) in 2019, and this rapid and exponentially growing market is forecast to top $55 billion (approx £41 billion) by 2023, according to the […]

Just a few months after launching margin trading on Coinbase Pro, the company is disabling the feature. Margin trading lets you trade on leverage. But it works both ways — margin trading lets you multiply your gains and your losses. Starting on November 25, 2pm PT, users won’t be able to place new margin trades. […]

WeGift, the London-based startup that has built an “incentive marketing” platform that lets businesses easily issue e-gift cards and other digital rewards to customers, has raised $8 million in new funding. Dubbed a Series A extension, the round is led by AlbionVC. Existing investors including Stride.vc, SAP.iO fund and Unilever Ventures also followed on. Following […]

The UK’s fastest-growing companies are an inspiring cohort to work with. These disruptive firms are shaping the economy and technologies of the future, and doing so at a startling rate. Do you want to know which are the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK this year? Well, just like every year, Deloitte acknowledges the fastest […]

In a latest development, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has surpassed Microsoft founder Bill Gates to become the world’s second-richest man. The billionaire tech entrepreneur added around £100.3 billion to his net worth this year.  As per Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Elon Musk’s estimated net worth is now around  £128 billion, just a bit above Bill […]

Former Rant and Rave chief executive joins AutoRek to help with next stage of scaling operations

The-Wolfpack’s co-founders, Toh Jin Wei, Tan Kok Chin and Simon Nichols (Image Credit: The-Wolfpack) The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the consumer, leisure and media companies hard, but a new venture firm called The-Wolfpack is still very upbeat on those sectors. Based in Singapore, the firm was founded by former managing directors at GroupM, one of […]

The end-of-year IPO wave continues, this time with C3.ai moving closer to its own formal debut by updating its S-1 filing with third-quarter data. The new data provides the market with a much better look into how the unicorn AI company’s business has progressed during the COVID-19 era, and should help public investors price the […]

Metromile, the pay-per-mile auto insurer that earlier this year laid off a third of its staff due to economic uncertainties caused by COVID-19, is taking the SPAC path to the public markets. The company, which was founded in 2011 and is led by CEO Dan Preston, said it has reached a merger agreement with special […]

Discord, the communications service that’s become the 21st century’s answer to MUD rooms, is close to closing a new round of financing that would value the company at up to $7 billion, according to sources with knowledge of the round. The new funding comes just months after a $100 million investment that gave the company […]

Dija, a new U.K.-based startup founded by senior former Deliveroo employees, is closing in on $20 million in funding, TechCrunch has learned. According to multiple sources, the round, which has yet to close, is being led by Blossom Capital, the early-stage venture capital firm founded by ex-Index and LocalGlobe VC Ophelia Brown. It’s not clear […]

Marie Ekeland has unveiled her next act — and it’s a new fund called 2050. But it’s not your average French VC fund, as it’s going to be an evergreen fund focused on building a better world. It sounds ambitious, but Ekeland isn’t just daydreaming — she has a detailed action plan. If you’re not […]

Building tech startups takes cash — and lots of it. But when you’re talking space startups, you’re talking galactic-level money. Costs blast right through Earth’s exosphere and become, literally, astronomical. If space is your jam, you’re going to need financial help, and you’ll learn where and how to access it at TC Sessions Space 2020 (December […]

Trump’s election denialism saw him retaliate in a way that isn’t just putting the remainder of his presidency in jeopardy, it’s already putting the next administration in harm’s way. In a stunning display of retaliation, Trump fired CISA director Chris Krebs last week after declaring that there was “no evidence that any voting system deleted […]

With $90 million in deposits and $18.25 million in new financing, HMBradley is making moves as the Los Angeles-based entrant into the challenger bank competition. LA is home to a growing community of financial services startups, and HMBradley is quickly taking its place among the leaders with a novel twist on the banking business. Unlike […]

U.S. challenger bank Current, which has doubled its member base in less than six months, announced this morning it raised $131 million in Series C funding, led by Tiger Global Management. The additional financing brings Current to over $180 million in total funding to date, and gives the company a valuation of $750 million. The […]

Time flies. It was nearly a year ago that The Exchange started keeping tabs on startups that managed to reach $100 million in annual recurring revenue, or ARR. Our goal was to determine which unicorns were more than paper horses so we could keep tabs on upcoming IPO targets. We found that Bill.com, Asana, WalkMe […]

Supply chains used to be one of those magical elements of capitalism that seemed to be designed by Apple: they just worked. Minus the occasional salmonella outbreak in your vegetable aisle, we could go about our daily consumer lives never really questioning how our fast-fashion clothes, tech gadgets and medical supplies actually got to our […]

The Netherlands’ ecosystem has been flourishing; more than $85 million was invested in regional startups in 2019 alone. The nation’s proximity to the U.K., Belgium, France and Germany makes Amsterdam a natural gateway to those markets. Long ago the savvy Dutch realized this, and built up Schiphol to become the world’s twelfth-busiest airport. Indeed, Amsterdam’s […]

JoomPay, a startup with a similar product to PayPal-owned Venmo in the U.S., is set to launch in Europe shortly after being granted a Luxembourg Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license. The app allows people to send and receive money with anyone, instantly and for free. “Venmo me” has become a common phrase in the U.S., […]

The partnership will offer security and training resources to Scottish fintech companies

Right from election interference to the anti-vax movement, the rise of Fake News is a serious threat to our society! Based out of London, Logically uses AI technologies to combat information overload, misinformation, fake news & other types of harmful content.  £2.1 million crowdfunding campaign Founded by Lyric Jain, the UK-based tech startup launched a […]

Consumer drones have over the years struggled with an image of being no more than expensive and delicate toys. But applications in industrial, military and enterprise scenarios have shown that there is indeed a market for unmanned aerial vehicles, and today, a startup that makes drones for some of those latter purposes is announcing a […]

Google Translate can never be wholly accurate and sometimes also has limited features, so it can’t always be used for commercial and business purposes. That’s why human translation agencies still exist. However, translating between human languages is something which artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be very competent at, so it could mean a threat […]

Its online tool aims to measure the user’s carbon footprint and suggest ways they can cut it

Managing the vehicle can be a daunting task! In our busy and dynamic lifestyle, it is difficult to remember and schedule things like road tax, insurance work, and much more. To tackle the problems, there are numerous apps out there in the market, and one such is Caura.  Founded in 2020, Caura helps UK drivers […]

After raising $215 million from SoftBank to double down on the surge of interest in online learning, Kahoot has made an acquisition to expand the scope of subjects that it covers. The popular startup, which lets people build and share educational games, has picked up Drops, a startup that helps people learn languages by way […]

With the ongoing pandemic, it is predicted that UK redundancies could top 1 million by the end of 2020 and experts believe flexible working will help get people back into work. Orka Technology Group, which targets hourly paid workers is working hard to meet the targeted demands. Now the Manchester-based work tech firm has announced […]

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