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Tall – Supercharging Digital Growth Across The North

If you haven’t heard of design tokens, or you have but you’re not familiar with what they are – Leeds based digital agency, Tall, are on a mission to change that.
It’s no secret that today’s consumers have increasingly high expectations of the digital world, which has only accelerated in the last few years as we have had to grapple for ways to stay connected while remaining physically apart. This has driven a mounting pressure on businesses to create more digital products, services and overall better online experiences.
As a digitally-driven agency, Tall are always on the lookout for new ways to add value, and speed up processes for their clients  – that’s why they’re pretty passionate about the use of these (small, but mighty) design tokens.
So, what is tokenisation? Check out the video below to see design tokens in action.
Are you looking to supercharge your digital growth? If you’re a business that operates across multiple brands, or works across various design platforms, and think you would benefit from implementing tokenisation into your design system, find out more here: https://tall.agency/smarter-design