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ICF Next

Bringing organisations and their customers closer together, we’re focused on the insights, creativity, and technology that move people.


Accelerated change. Beautifully delivered.
In a world of complexity, we make change simple. In a world of distraction, we help organizations break through. From consumers to colleagues and from citizens to entire communities, we bring organizations closer to the people they serve.

We’re wired a little differently

We’ve spent years building and integrating a set of best-in-class marketing and communications capabilities through different agencies and consultancies. And now we’re bringing them together to make a difference for you. We’re focused on the insights, creativity, and technology that move people. Inspire them. And motivate them to take meaningful action.
Behavioral insights+Technology+Creative engagement

Challenging the norm

We don’t just confront the reality of your opportunities and threats—we embrace them to stimulate change. We know when and how to accelerate the adoption of technologies and techniques that bring you closer to the people you serve. As voice search, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality are disrupting nearly every industry, we help you stay one step ahead by orchestrating the conversations and collaboration that produce innovation.

Social good is in our DNA

When it comes to tackling some of the world’s most complex problems, we’re right in the thick of it all. Combating substance misuse and addiction. Promoting international cultural awareness and connection. Developing better cybersecurity and resiliency. We draw from deep industry expertise across ICF to inform our solutions and ensure their success. Part of a for-profit company with a non-profit soul, our mission isn’t just good for us—it’s good for everyone: our employees, our communities, and our client