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Datahone delivers contextual industry data insights, to optimise workflows and productivity, that deliver better outcomes to our customers.  We use our industry knowledge and data analytics know-how, to deliver a set of ‘appliance-like’ services that are easy to use ‘out-of-the-box’ and specifically address, high value opportunities or challenges within the industries that we have chosen to operate in.  We create unique IP through our ability to conceive, configure, integrate and embed services that will transform operational performance, by delivering contextual insights in a near real-time way.


Datahone uses industry standard open frameworks and tools and devices, to create lower cost services with compelling ROI cases for the user, measured in months and we use our proposition to attract research interests within Universities – creating new tools, devices, methods, exploitable IP and ‘go-to-market’ partnerships.  We use our consultancy talent to steer you through your digital manufacturing journey.