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We use the power of FinTech to allow the public to be involved in major construction projects, whilst using digital liquidity to remove the control of senior debt from the sector, allowing a recession viable business model.

We are a Fintech (financial technology) platform that democratizes Real Estate Development. It allows any investor to participate in development projects for a share of the profits once built and sold. Historically, investing in Real Estate Development has required large sums of capital available only to high net worth investors. CurveBlock investors can participate with minimal capital, which opens the door to virtually everyone. When CurveBlock developments are built and sold, dividends are shared with all participating investors. At the same time, 5% of every Development will be donated to a new non-profit, CurveBlock Helps, to create a positive, socially responsible impact on the global housing crisis. Each digital equity share includes charity voting rights to select benefit recipients.

Starting in Phase Two, pre-vetted Independent Real Estate Developers will also be allowed to showcase on the CurveBlock Platform, effectively making us one of the largest global Real Estate Development Companies. We aim for a recession proof model, so no matter what the market conditions, you still receive your profits. Our GREEN initiative is to build every project with carbon neutral/energy positive methods to eliminate the carbon and energy impact of our buildings forever.