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In our previous lives as a digital agency, one of the biggest challenges we faced was the reporting of accurate and meaningful information to our clients. Their marketing budgets were not limitless, and we needed to make sure that money was spent wisely and in doing so achieved, and exceeded, their desired results.

We needed comprehensive yet easy to understand analytics to measure and report on the effectiveness of campaigns and channels, based on accurate independent data. Armed with this information we knew that we could help our clients to make improvements to their digital marketing campaigns based on real and meaningful insights. However, like 59% of marketers, we struggled to collect and combine accurate data to do this.

Compounding the problem was a growing awareness of the negative impact of fraud permeating the digital marketing sector, stealing our client’s budget and giving unreliable results. We were staggered to discover the extent of fraudulent activity taking place across the online world – fake clicks, downloads, misreporting, and so on.

Knowing what we needed in order to provide a quality service to our clients, we searched the marketing technology industry for independent cross-channel analytics tools to help us and found they all fell short of our requirements – they didn’t use independent data and they tended to underreport the level of fake clicks

We became more and more frustrated that we couldn’t find the tool that we and our clients needed – something easy to use by non-technical people, providing an accurate and independent single source of the truth,  and delivering immediate and meaningful insights to help drive improvement in marketing performance.

It didn’t exist then BUT it does now.

We developed it!  Welcome to Beacon.  Software and supporting services to help you optimise your digital marketing and significantly improve your marketing Return-on-Investment.

Mike, Nigel, Stewart.
Beaconsoft Founders.

Key topics: The common issues associated with marketing attribution - How to track post-click shopping behaviour - The importance of using external platforms for an unbiased view of marketing channels - How to calculate ROI from your Facebook and Instragram ad spend - How benchmarking your site against similar brands can help make sense of data.

Date: 4th March 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Venue: Infinity Works, Apsley House, 7 - 8 Wellington Street

Beacon to host free virtual masterclass with bestselling Google Ads author David Rothwell on Wednesday 28 April at 4 p.m.

Date: 28th April 2021 @ 4:00 pm
Venue: Infinity Works, Apsley House, 7 - 8 Wellington Street

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