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We’re on a mission to close the world’s digital skills gap, using tech and talent to reinvigorate organisations today and enable them to thrive tomorrow.

There’s a buzz…

We are a passionate group of technologists who live and breathe everything digital. We have our ears to the ground for new tech and are the first to experiment and try something different. We are looking for individuals ready to come together to push boundaries and create the future of digital with our clients.

Our Values

The behaviours we prize.


We love to explore the impossible, the ‘what ifs’ – and we love making them a reality even more.


We raise the bar by contributing and giving back, helping others to grow alongside us.


Good is a given, so we go further to deliver a service and products that people love and enjoy.

The AND Concept

Software is at the heart of everything.

It’s shaping how we live, and how every organisation on earth operates. And yet, very few businesses can deliver the software products at the pace and
quality needed to meet their requirements. That’s because the right product is only one part of the equation. Organisations also need the right people –
with the right skills, set up in the right environment – in order to thrive over the long term. This is what we mean by ‘digital capabilities’.

Far-sighted leaders and organisations know that building digital capabilities isn’t optional: it’s critical. That means shipping better products faster AND
upskilling their team – at the same time. They also know that for successful digital transformation to really occur, they need both a sustainable, internal
capability AND a flexible, expert partner to support their journey.

We created AND for them.

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