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More accurate than Google Translate? Meet the Slovenian AI startup offering quality language translations, coming to UK soon

Google Translate can never be wholly accurate and sometimes also has limited features, so it can’t always be used for commercial and business purposes. That’s why human translation agencies still exist. However, translating between human languages is something which artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be very competent at, so it could mean a threat to human translators. But what if the best of both are combined to offer a more reliable and a professional service to commercial clients?

A Slovenia-based startup is already doing that via its translation platform app dubbed as TAIA, and they’re continually working hard to fill the void.

TAIA: So, how does it work?

The app is built using deep learning algorithms, AI, automation and professional human expertise, enables logic, accuracy and consistent quality of language translations in real-time.

The company’s proprietary technology translates content; users track the process from a dashboard where they can also involve human professionals to fine-tune text and include locally distinct language elements.

Speaking to UKTN, Marko Hozjan, co-founder and CEO of TAIA, explains, “TAIA helps businesses translate their content more efficiently by providing professional translators with AI assistance. Files are automatically analysed and a price quote with delivery times is available in under a minute. Users can select between a range of services and delivery times to order a translation service that best fits their needs and budget. Once the project is ordered, it’s automatically translated using Neural Machine Translation and prefilled with existing translations from customers’ unique Translation memory. This way your projects get translated faster and more consistently with every order. Users can monitor the progress of their project in the convenient web application and easily manage all their translation needs in one place, keeping their data secure and their costs optimised.”

He further adds, “TAIA is a perfect solution for any company that needs translation services, ranging from websites and e-commerce platforms all the way to user manuals, legal documents, and other content.”

UK growth plans

Recently the AI startup raised a further €1.2million (£1.1 million) in seed funding from venture capital fund Fil Rouge Capital, to expand into the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA with its revolutionary software which bridges the gap between translation agencies and Google Translate.

Talking about UK growth plans, Hozjan adds, “We plan to help UK companies expand abroad, by making localisation services faster and more price effective. We are firm believers in the fact that technology shouldn’t be feared, but should help humans be more effective. And by bringing down the time and costs needed to localise their content, more businesses will be able to benefit from expanding their markets to other countries. Especially in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic combined with Brexit, most UK companies will need to look abroad to improve their sales results. We plan on helping them to do just that, by making it easier than ever before to translate and localise their websites, marketing materials, legal documents and other content.

At the same time, TAIA, is adding the seed-funded app to its current portfolio of translation services, enabling users to increase their global opportunities and collaborations. The new age translation service will enhance the capabilities of businesses who require multi-lingual platforms, content and legal documentation.

Further, the platform uses its own translation memory technology that logs the history of translated content for each user, which sets it aside from its major competitors.

When asked how they are different from their competitors, Hozjan responds, “By providing users with a seamless cloud platform that keeps their data secured while at the same time leveraging Neural Machine Translation AI technology to help translate content faster and more efficiently. Instead of sending files over emails, like traditional translation agencies, and translating manually, like freelance translators, our app allows companies to manage all their translation needs in one platform and provides translators with state of the art technology, making it easy for them to translate faster and with better quality than before.”

TAIA also enables users to upload files and receive translations in their original format. Currently, the platform supports 65 different file types, including websites and catalogs which are often not yet facilitated by other service providers.

Revolutionising global translation industry

To date, TAIA has thousands of users, collectively relying on their reliable translation services, connecting international corporations from entrepreneurs to the FTSE 500, including Red Bull, 3M, Hervis and Müller, amongst others.

“Our localisation services are simple, easy and reliable software that businesses across the world can rely on to translate website content through to legal documents in 97 languages. Users get the best of both worlds – in only a couple of clicks, there are no emails involved, and the files are kept encrypted in the platform,” Hozjan said in an official press statement.

“We think there is a void between broken “old school” translation agencies and Google Translate. TAIA is perfectly positioned to fill that void,” says Stevica Kuharski, principal at Fil Rouge Capital.

“At the moment, translation is not automated and, therefore, not scalable. TAIA provides companies with an out and out solution far faster and more cost effective than its competitors.” he adds.

“We see two trends that are creating ever-greater demand for machine translation. One is the need for content localisation as 75 percent of consumers prefer making purchases in their language. And second, the advancements in AI technology have opened new ways to make translation processes more efficient. What we have done, is combine both elements.” says Hozjan.

The founders of the TAIA platform, Matija Kovač and Marko Hozjan, began the journey of translation through development of their primary business, the provision of language courses for companies, individuals and children.

 In addition to language courses, clients were also increasingly looking for translation services, so they first started to develop a translation agency within the company and then created a separate company. But the founders soon discovered that things in the translation market were similar to what they were ten years ago – most of the files, offers and other content were sent by email, while the translation process itself was often still done manually, without the help of modern technology.

“Since we developed our first software products in 2018, the industry has become more reliant on real-time automation of translation services. We became aware of the potential for automation in this industry, so we decided to develop a platform that will connect both clients and translators in a seamlessly connected environment,” says Matija Kovač about the beginnings of TAIA.

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