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Leeds tech company Content Catalyst announces a new R&D software project part funded by Innovate UK

Leeds-based tech company Content Catalyst has announced a new research project to extract data from business reports which is co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. The grant will enable Content Catalyst to create up to two new developer jobs underlining the company’s commitment to invest in technical talent from the Yorkshire region.

Edwin Bailey, Director of Marketing at Content Catalyst, which specialises in B2B content and data delivery, said: “I am delighted that Innovate UK has the confidence to back our innovative project with a grant, which would have been unfeasible to do without their support”.

The project aims to create an intuitive tool that enables analysts to identify, retrieve and reuse data such as graphs and tables from within reports.

Modern business intelligence requires tools that enable the easy retrieval of trustworthy data. This is more important than ever in these uncertain times, as companies look for inspiration to survive the global Coronavirus pandemic. The 18-month project will leverage advanced computational technologies to develop a prototype that enables users to identify, extract and share data from within business reports. This will allow market analysts and business researchers to rapidly unlock value from large numbers of documents.

Commenting on the success in winning the grant, Daniel Lord, Founder of Content Catalyst said: “The company was started on a simple premise – to enable market analysts to easily create deliverables and complete tasks from the content they have available. This grant will help us enable consumers of research to easily find and share information that will give them an extraordinary advantage in the marketplace. In addition, the output of the project will contribute to making the Yorkshire region a leader in technology and innovation”.

About Content Catalyst
Since 2003 Content Catalyst has developed proprietary software-as-a-service to enable people in business to efficiently discover knowledge and data in documents and allow users to collate, build and share insight.  The Leeds (UK) based company holds three software patents and continually reinvests in R&D. The company’s flagship software, Publish Interactive, is a content management platform with authoring, workflow, licensing and subscriber management tools for industry analyst firms and market report research publishers to deliver and manage their content.

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