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Leeds Digital Makers – Supporting Connection and Positive Change

Leeds Digital Drinks, who have been connecting the tech community in the City for the past four years, have had to adapt to this year’s enforced changes.  One of the results of this is Leeds Digital Makers.

What is Leeds Digital Makers?

We’re your friendly neighbourhood community of passionate digital creators supporting each other and our side projects through bi-weekly meetups and a Slack group. Nerding out about no-code, low-code and visual development, we share tips and resources to build Minimum Viable Products in the shortest time possible.

We have members who are entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, product enthusiasts and hobbyists. They have won Amazon AWS competitions, been featured on the front page of Product Hunt, been live on BBC News and are leaders in our vibrant student community. We all bring unique skills to the group and the thing we all share are our values around accountability, giving, curiosity and empowering everyone to create with digital skills.

Why did you start Leeds Digital Makers?

During lockdown, our world shifted online and the types of events we normally ran had to change too. We started Leeds Digital Makers as a way to stay connected as a community and empower people with the ability to make positive change by taking action and solving problems.

This could be as simple as programming a video game for a friend, curating a website of music playlists or creating a mood tracker app! We know how fast the tech world moves, and now more than ever we know collaboration and learning alongside other makers is the key to keeping up to date (and having some fun while doing it).

How does it work?

During lockdown, we having been virtually meeting bi-monthly to check in, share progress, talk about cool products/apps and see where members could use a bit of help. We also have a Slack group set up that is free to join, where we share tools and resources as well! We’re big fans of the no-code movement and have experience using these tools that cut down development time massively such as Airtable, Zapier, Webflow and many, many more.”


Visit the Leeds Digital Makers’ website here.