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Leeds Digital Drinks

It all started with a group of beer lovers who enjoyed hanging out in the pub on a Friday.  Since 2016, Leeds Digital Drinks has aimed to create a local community focused on the digital, creative and startup industries in Leeds. Whether it’s over a drink or just discussing a new idea, their intention is to empower the innovators and makers of tomorrow.

So far, Leeds Digital Drinks have organised over 50 events and have reached over 1200 people, bringing together people from all backgrounds with different skills.  Events and workshops are attended by a full range of interested and interesting people, from students to experienced professionals.

The team regularly organises Founders events that bring together people from local startups, to share their stories and experiences of building a business or initiative.  It is a great opportunity to network, learn something new or just enjoy a free beer. Each event revolves around a particular theme.  Most recently, topics have included Failure and Creativity.

Preparations are under way, at the time of writing,  to host a Sustainability event at ​Kirkstall Forge, the new development just 7 minutes by train outside the Leeds City Centre. With an exciting lineup of speakers, you can expect topics such as ​the challenges and perspectives that come in when implementing sustainable solutions in business.  Free tickets are now available while supplies last. See you there!


To book your place at the Sustainability event head to Eventbrite.

To find out more about Leeds Digital Drinks visit their website.