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Leeds agency helps clients’ ads reach top talent, thanks to Beacon platform

An award-winning Leeds employer brand agency has managed to save significant time on client reporting while improving Return on Investment [ROI], thanks to digital campaign intelligence platform, Beacon.

Founded in 2011, Chatter Communications is an employer brand agency, helping businesses to improve how they attract, recruit and engage talent.  Part of what they the company does involves helping medium to large employers – including some of the UK’s biggest consumer brands – attract top talent via digital marketing campaigns across a diverse range of advertising channels.

The team at Chatter was eager to gain in-depth analysis of its campaigns’ effectiveness by drawing on reliable data and analytics that could help clients make more informed decisions about their marketing spend.  Using the Beacon platform has not only allowed Chatter Communications to achieve this goal, but has also enabled the agency to save several hours a week on client reporting – time that can instead by spent on other duties – and improve ROI by identifying non-human traffic in its ad campaigns.

Jon Davies, partner at Chatter Communications: “Although client reporting was the aspect of Beacon that initially appealed to us, we amazed to discover how much of our clients’ budgets were being wasted on non-human traffic.  In one instance, we learned that as much as 96% of all traffic a client was receiving in response to a particular ad campaign was not coming from human sources, meaning it wasn’t reaching the target audience and the client wasn’t getting a strong ROI.   By identifying fake traffic, Beacon has allowed us to accurately pinpoint which job boards are giving the strongest results, so we can help clients make better decisions about where they post their recruitment ads.  On top of that, the time we’ve saved on client reporting has instead been used to build a data set of which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t, helping us constantly improve the service that we provide to clients.  We’ve been extremely impressed with Beacon so far and their team has been so proactive and responsive. We’re really looking forward to seeing what the future holds working with them.”

Nigel Bridges (pictured), founding CEO of Beacon, added: We’re delighted to hear that Beacon has enabled the team at Chatter Communications to make considerable savings on time that can be used on client work elsewhere, as well as allowing them to identify the large amounts of non-human traffic in their clients’ ad campaigns and take steps to remove this.  In our previous life as a digital agency, one of the biggest challenges we faced was reporting accurate and meaningful information to our clients. We understand the obstacles agencies face and know first-hand how time-consuming client reporting is.  Therefore we’re proud to support agencies like Chatter Communications with their clients’ campaign management.”

Shortlisted as one of Yorkshire’s 5 Rising Stars and listed by Tech Nation as one of 16 top AI companies to watch out for in 2020, Beacon is part of software development group Beaconsoft Limited.

The firm is driven by a proven board of directors with extensive experience in the tech and artificial intelligence sectors, supported by seasoned investors who recognise the potential of the Beacon platform.