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Type: Full Time

Reference Number: 20192


BJSS seeks someone with experience in regression, clustering and classification techniques, who also has excellent communication skills, especially with clients.

We successfully predicted Brexit. And we saw the arrival of the Trump Train too.
Remember 2016’s biggest political earthquakes? During the respective campaigns, traditional pollsters didn’t believe that the UK would vote to leave Europe, or that Donald Trump was likely to emerge as President of the United States. The BJSS data science team did though – right down to the exact voting margin – by analysing political sentiment in real time via social media.
Over the past year, this dedicated team of data scientists has:
Built algorithms to generate over 60 million personalised product recommendations every day for a leading high street retailer.
Defined and rebuilt the entire data strategy for a major financial company.
Pioneered work in fraud detection, AI chatbots, and process automation in a range of sectors, from commodities and financial services to retail and public sector.
So, as you can see, our Data Science team works on varied projects in multiple industries. They use the latest tools and technologies to extract meaningful data which they then model to deliver value to their clients, as quickly as possible. They use tools such as AWS, Python, Hadoop, Spark, R and SQL
On a typical day as a BJSS Data Scientist you can expect to:
Help our clients to define their Data Science strategy and roadmaps.
Provide thought leadership on how Data Science might help in areas where it has previously been unexplored.
Contribute towards and become an expert in setting Data Science up within an organisation.
Combine BJSS’ expertise in DevOps, Cloud, and Big Data to build the best possible Data Science solution for our clients.
Does this sound like an exciting prospect for you? If you’re experienced in Regression, Clustering, and Classification techniques, and you have the communication skills to back that up with a client, then we’d like to hear from you.
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