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Innovation’s the Word at Yorkshire Building Society Group

Earlier in 2018 YBS launched the first Innovation centre at our Bradford offices.

The centre has been established to support YBS in its objectives to be an innovative, forward thinking mutual, embracing innovation and the value of trying new things. We’re so excited about the opening and we even managed to get our CEO Mike Regnier to trial some of the technology on offer.

How is the centre good for customers?

Customers are at our heart and we always want to be thinking about doing things in different ways to improve the way we work, add value and become more agile in our ways of working, to improve customer experience.

The innovation centre is designed to allow teams the space and the tools to find creative solutions to problems. By their nature, some of these solutions may not work, but by being agile we can learn from projects and ideas that don’t work and improve our business.

Yes, the physical space is in Bradford, but the way of working that the centre encourages will hopefully be a catalyst for ideas generation and creative problem solving across YBS, which will help the business to be more easy and simple and provide real help to our customers.

What about colleagues?

The centre will help YBS to be more agile as a business, and support co-operation between teams, as colleagues come together from across the group to problem solve in a different way.

Teams will be able to use the centre, and a facilitator if needed, to overcome specific challenges and problems they face, whether using technology or not.

Helping us to become an employer of choice

We want as many colleagues as possible to use the centre but we also want it to be available to local community groups or schools for example, giving them a creative space and offering them the support to solve wider challenges we have in our community, from improving transport to improving health.

We already do great work across the Group collaborating with the local community and this builds on that tradition whilst also attracting potential new talented innovative individuals to want to work with the Group.

Read more about the official opening here.