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Rachel Mather

Skills: Bid writing, grant funding, tender identification, bid management, consultancy, strategy, planning.

Skilled professional with extensive experience gained within the public sector in identifying, leading, preparing and managing complex EU and UK tenders and contracts to generate revenue, maximise commercial opportunities and support business growth.

Specialisms include identifying and securing funding for small businesses,  SMEs and social enterprises,  developing and implementing effective bid development processes and collaborating with motivated personnel to achieve successful outcomes.

Successful record supporting public, private and third sector organisations to secure grant and commercial funding from buyers, including the Crown Commercial Service, Department for Work & Pensions, Department for Education, local authorities, NHS, local enterprise partnerships, the Police Service, Sport England, National Lottery, European Social Fund, Erasmus+ and trusts, foundations and grant giving bodies.

Experienced in project management, delivering projects from inception to completion (£50m+) including identifying and sourcing bid, tender, grant funding and collaborative opportunities; leading and supporting bid teams to secure funding (£90m+) across direct bids, multi LOT invitations to tender (ITT), dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) frameworks, requests for proposals (RfP) requests for quotations (RfQ); securing ‘buy in’ on projects both internally at a strategic level and externally with key stakeholders and partners.

Key Expertise:

Bid and Tender Management – Supporting businesses to develop their bid infrastructure and build capacity. Developing win themes, bid writing and managing bid teams, from business development managers to technical experts, academics and senior leaders. Creating pre-tender bid plans, reviewing, evaluating, editing and proofreading content and working with employers to develop compelling bids.

Research and Development – Strong analytical skills with a high attention to detail and the ability to analyse data, tender documentation, funding, and policy. Effective organisation and time management skills, deadline and solutions driven and able to understand, explain and synthesise complex themes to develop bid documents, tender responses, strategies and effective project or bid management tools.

Strategy and Planning- Customer focused, able to build excellent relationships with a range of audiences with professional commitment and integrity. Highly motivated with a keen eye for detail, consistency and accuracy with an innovative approach to developing and producing winning bids which reflect the values and culture of the applicant.

Core Services
1. Outsourced Funding & Contract identification:

A bespoke grant or tender identification service. Tailored and costed to meet defined business needs, including identifying, appraising and collating eligible sources of funding or opportunities aligned with business strategy.
Costed on a project or hourly rate as appropriate. Retainer arrangements available.

Experience & knowledge:
• 10+ years identifying & circulating eligible sources of funding for Schools, Academies, Further & Higher Education Institutions, leading to successful applications (£40m+)
• 10+ years managing and maintaining over 100 e-tendering portals and platforms to identify key business opportunities and planned procurement
• 7+ years carrying out searches for funding to support businesses to grow and develop in line with organisational priorities & strategy (Inc. SMEs, start-ups and non-profits)
• Producer and circulator of key business opportunities to over 150 organisations, via bulletins, pipelines, reports and calendars
• Created bespoke grant funding and bid pipeline documents for 14 organisations leading to successful outcomes for all engaged
• Employed in an External Funding, Bid Development, Research and Project Management roles between 2009-2020.

2. Consultancy, Capacity building & Bid management:

• Bid / Funding strategy development or design
• Analysis of existing bid infrastructure and bid readiness with key recommendations for improvement areas
• 1-1 or 1 to many training and development to improve internal bid processes and increase win potential
• Working with employers to develop more comprehensive, efficient bid libraries
Costed on a project basis, daily or hourly rate as appropriate.

Experience & Knowledge:
• Proficient in creating robust bid and due diligence libraries to improve organisational readiness to tender
• Produced funding strategies and policies for major corporate clients to align with business priorities and underpin growth plans
• 3 years’ experience reviewing of previous tender submissions in line with buyer’s specification to identify key strengths, operating /project management models, gaps and improvement areas to inform preparation of bid templates and/or feedback sessions with staff across multiple organisations.
• Good working knowledge and use of over 100 e-tendering platforms. Skilled at customising alert configurations to ensure businesses receive timely, relevant opportunities at the point of publication
• Coached and mentored colleagues within SMEs, charities and new-start-ups to establish, or improve, their bid development process and associated systems.

3. Bid, Proposal & Grant funding writing

A fully outsourced bid management solution, or individual elements of the below subject to the scale and scope of the opportunity:
– Identification
– Bid design/development
– Stakeholder engagement/management
– Content gathering (subject matter expertise, due diligence documents, supporting information)
– Clarifications
– Bid writing
– Feedback, revisions/ edits or critical reviews
– Final version copy production
– Submission
– Contract Award
– Contract implementation and mobilisation

Costed on a project basis, daily or hourly rate as appropriate. Retainer arrangements available.

Experience and Knowledge:
10’ years producing winning responses to secure over £90m from EU/UK commissioning bodies, public and private sector organisations and the V&C sector.

Inhouse or remote: Both


0113 244 3845

Availability: Yes

Freelancer type: consultant-and-bid-writer,