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This event is part of Leeds Digital Festival.
The most secure job sector during COVID times is IT and we will show you how to break into the market via our courses.

COVID-19 has made a major impact in the job market. We read headlines in the news:

‘I’ve applied for more than 100 jobs’

‘I could be forced to lose a job I love’

‘I lost my job, now we’re on the bare minimum’

Source: BBC

The current generation of up and coming young employees are limited in opportunities along with looking over their shoulders on job security. However, if there’s one sector that has managed to still progress through this pandemic with minimal impact, it’s IT. The advantage of remote working has keptthe majority of jobs safe and recruitment for IT employees is back on track post lockdown.




Break Into The IT Job Market – Your Progress and Q&A

Start: September 25 @ 10:30 am
End: September 25 @ 12:00 pm

Price: FOC

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This is the launch of an innovative startup, Liria Digital Health; intent on disrupting the health-tech industry for the benefit of AL. Welcome to the launch of Liria Digital Health at Leeds Digital Festival The appetite for managing one’s health data has never been so strong. One of the fastest-growing markets in the digital industry […]

Date: October 2 @ 2:00 pm

How well are you moving from communication to collaboration. We’ll give you the tools and the time you bring your team! We’re back at the Leeds Digital Festival and delighted to follow-up on our incredibly successful ‘Dot-to-Dot’ event in May. To help you Re-Engage and Re-Ignite your team we’d like you to be a part […]

Date: October 2 @ 2:00 pm

Women from all professional backgrounds who have an interest in technology are welcome to join this free online session.

Date: October 2 @ 11:45 am