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NorthInvest is on a mission to connect female founders in tech with female investors who want to help them get ahead!

About this Event

Are a female founder in tech or digital or investor wanting to grow your network, build confidence, and disrupt the industry by helping other women get ahead? Then this event is for you!

What does the event involve?

Come along for nibbles, networking and hear from the inspiring speakers – whether female investors, founders, or women at the top of their industries sharing their business expertise with our community.

What is Angels of the North: Female Founders & Investors?

Globally, less than 10% of funding goes to women-led businesses, and in the UK only 2.17% of funding went to women in 2016 (Pitchbook). And yet, data shows that startups with female leadership grow faster (Forbes). We also know that female investors are more likely to back female-led startups (UKBAA 2018).

There is a real need to connect female founders with investors.

In 2018, we partnered with UK British Angels Association (UKBAA) to understand the barriers holding female investors and founder back and created the Angels of the North: Female Founders & Investors community. The series is an informal get-together where female founders and investors can be inspired by female business leaders sharing their experience and insights on:

– How to make informed investment decisions

– How to create a successful pitch

– How to approach investors

– How to increase your confidence in business

You’ll get to meet like-minded people who are experienced, passionate about the region and tech, and genuinely want to help other female business leaders and investors reach their full potential.

Know a friend who might be interested? Invite them along! We’re a friendly bunch and love to welcome new faces to the community. Gents welcome too!


Angels of The North

Start: November 19 @ 11:00 am
End: November 19 @ 1:00 pm

Price: FOC

Click to register


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