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Cyber Security Partners are sponsoring this year’s Leeds Digital Festival 2021 hosting SIX free events.

Cyber Security Partners (CSP) have once again decided to sponsor the Leeds Digital Festival 2021, as one of the associate sponsors. Following last year’s events success, CSP have decided to contribute their team’s knowledge and expertise to support and engage with the tech community within Leeds. This year CSP are hosting not one, not two, but SIX free-to-attend events.

Leeds Digital Festival is a two-week tech and digital festival that promotes the technology community within Leeds. For the sixth year in a row, the festival involves companies hosting free events between 20th September – 1st October. 

CSP are a Leeds based cyber security consultancy with an expert team with years of experience, helping clients assess and secure their companies. CSP see it as a great opportunity to enhance the position of Leeds as a key digital hub within the UK.

Robert Briggs, Director said: 

“We are really looking forward to our events for this year’s Leeds Digital Festival. We have a choice of 6 very interesting subjects that cover a wide range of topical information security news and developments and throwing some fun in as well. We are also excited to run some of our events in person, now face-to-face meetings are back, we have a chance to meet all of you.”  

About CSP’s Events


CSP will be hosting four online events and two in-person events in Leeds city centre. The two in-person events allow CSP to really engage with attendees and speak face-to-face with them. This is to help with any concerns or cyber security questions attendees may have.

The first physical event is a breakfast event that will be on Tuesday 21st September at 8:30am, discussing ‘Does compliance mean you are secure?’ over a cup of tea or coffee. This event aims to informally go over the steps you should take to protect your organisation’s reputation, balancing ongoing management whilst keeping costs low.

CSP’s last event of the Leeds Digital Festival period, which is on Thursday 30th September 2021 at 5:30pm, is an interactive entertainment event. CSP will be hosting ‘Life’s a Breach Cyber Security Murder Mystery With a Twist which will involve a game throughout the evening, where attendees will have to guess the mystery attacker that has taken money from a vulnerable company. The night will be full of clues and prizes for correct guesses. This will be followed by a presentation on the different types of attacks, explanation on how to avoid being attacked and what to do if you become a victim. So come and join CSP for a night of thought-provoking education, fun, food and drinks to celebrate what will surely be another successful year of Leeds Digital Festival.

For the 4 virtual events

Each director at CSP will be presenting their own individual events on specific topics that are relevant to all businesses. This will give attendees expert advice and key topics, designed for all types of businesses, from SMEs to large organisations. This is to provide essential information that all businesses should consider and participate with the key topics under discussion.  



Chris Bell, said: 

“CSP are pleased to be associated with the LDF once again. The Digital Eco system within Leeds is growing and events such as LDF, where the community’s capabilities are promoted and communicated, are key to maintaining that growth. SaaS platforms are a significant enabler, allowing businesses to get digital products to a wide market share. However, consumers of these services must ensure that they are used and secured appropriately. I will be holding a session to discuss security of SaaS services and present some ideas of good practice for consumers.” 


Kevin Else, CSP Director stated: 

This year each of the directors will be providing a virtual session providing insight into a specific area of cyber security, as well as our group events. My event will cover a range of hints and tips on how to deal with those tricky cyber security questions that appear in bid and tender documents, or the cyber security questionnaires that organisations are starting to send out to their suppliers.” 


Tony Payne, Director said: 

“CSP are proud and excited to be a sponsor for this year’s Leeds Digital Festival. LDF is a great event which showcases the capability and skills of the businesses and people in the area, and how they can contribute to the UK’s technological future.” 


Robert Briggs, Director said: 

“My event covers how we manage risk in a fast-paced changing environment. Now business and software development are becoming more agile, it can feel that there is less time to manage secure development and mitigate security risks. Whilst your business focus is on developing new functionality, I will present some hints and tips on the early identification of security risks within the CI/CD pipeline and how to address these.” 


A list of all the events CSP is hosting, are: 

Does compliance mean you are secure? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) 

Securing The Cloud 

CI/CD pipeline (Agile) and Security Risk Management 

Responding to Cyber Security Questions in Tenders 

Life’s a Breach 

Register for CSP’s six events for free here and for more information on each topic, dates and times, click here. 

If you want to find out more about Cyber Security Partners’ services and how they can help you stay secure and protected against potential threats, then please contact CSP at info@csp.partners