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CSP’s New Cyber MoT Service

Cyber Security Partners (CSP) have a new service to assist organisations in being secure, compliant and protected against cyber threats that can have detrimental affects on a business. So, what is a Cyber MOT?

Cyber MOT Service

Cyber Security Partner’s ‘Cyber MOT service, is a high-level overview of an organisations security posture and IT Systems. This includes analysing the areas that can affect the IT and Cyber Security of an organisation, such as; personnel and physical elements.

Areas covered in a Cyber MOT review include; Employee Awareness, IT Environment, Security of Data, Device Security/BYOD, Software Vetting, Policies, Passwords, Physical Security, Employee Security and Ongoing Security. All these areas play a key part in an organisations security posture.

So, how is it carried out? The Cyber MOT service is split into two parts:

The first part is an interview process, the cyber security professional will interview relevant staff members on the areas mentioned above.

The responses will then be used to produce a report that includes the responses from the staff members who were interviewed. These will then be marked either red, amber or green. This will determine whether the response was a pass, pass with action recommended and fail with actions needed.

Then the report will be sent out to the customer for review.

Benefits of a ‘Cyber MOT’

Any customers who use this service from CSP, will have confidence in knowing that their security posture has been assessed and reviewed thoroughly and any potential issues will have been raised with them. Customers can then trust that they have the correct measures and protection in place to prevent them against common threats. If the analysis reveals the customer needs to improve their cyber security, they will then have a view as to what measures they need to implement to fix or mitigate gaps in their security.

The Cyber MOT service ensures all areas that can have an effect on an organisation’s cyber security and security posture, are covered and reviewed to eliminate any potential threats and vulnerabilities.

For your peace of mind, by choosing CSP’s Cyber MOT service, you are choosing a company with more than 90 years’ experience between the team. CSP consultants have extensive experience in delivering Cyber Security advice to customers, whether it be government departments, NHS or commercial clients, they provide high quality and pragmatic risk and cyber security advice.

So, to summarise:

The Cyber MOT will give an understanding of a business’ security posture and what action is needed if there are areas of improvement.

The Cyber MOT will give an organisation confidence and reassurance that their cyber security has been assessed thoroughly, so that any potential threats and vulnerabilities have been identified, with the correct actions taken to mitigate these.

The Cyber MOT shows organisations who want to provide certified services to their clients in the future, how far they are to achieving this certification with this service. This is because the Cyber MOT covers areas that are also covered in certified services too, such as; Cyber Essentials and ISO.

Contact CSP here, by telephone 0113 5323763 or email info@csp.partners to get in touch with our expert consultants about our Cyber MOT service today.