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Brand Ambition: Expanded Service, Significant Client Acquisitions, Stellar Campaign Outcomes

Leeds and Belfast-based digital marketing agency, Brand Ambition, is broadening its service horizon with key strategic advancements and notable client acquisitions.


The agency recently appointed Joseph Whiteman as the Paid Media Manager, a crucial hire aimed at augmenting the paid media sector. Moreover, alliances with Lead Forensics and achieving the esteemed Google Partner status have positioned Brand Ambition for delivering superior insights and value to its clientele.


The agency is ecstatic to unveil its collaboration with new clients: Infinity Innovations, DexaStrong, Lift Health and Fitness, Tadweld Limited and Global Scarves. These partnerships encompass a variety of specialist services including paid media, PR, SEO, content writing and branding, showcasing Brand Ambition’s diversified marketing acumen.


Recent campaigns have exhibited remarkable results, with DexaStrong witnessing a monumental 1,200% surge in ranking search terms since May 2023. Similarly, the campaign managed for Springfield Healthcare observed a 71% increase in traffic, a 17% reduction in cost per click, and a 49% enhancement in conversions, reflecting a significant improvement in online engagement and cost efficiency.


As Brand Ambition commemorates its third anniversary and embarks on its fourth year of trading, MD Sam Raife reflects on the journey thus far. “Robin Hetherington and I look back with immense pride at what we’ve built.  The remarkable strides and results achieved by our team in the recent months are nothing short of exhilarating. We have a dedicated team of specialists whose unwavering commitment has been pivotal in helping SMEs grow their businesses through our array of services.

In a landscape where some larger agencies are either shifting bases or escalating prices without a parallel rise in service quality, we stand firm in our commitment to remain accessible, locally rooted, and value-driven.  We believe that the essence of impactful marketing lies in a deep understanding of the local business ecosystem and an honest, transparent approach.

Our clients appreciate the reliability, transparent pricing, and tangible results we bring to the table, which, sadly, is becoming a rarity in today’s evolving agency landscape. We’ve always maintained that effective marketing solutions shouldn’t feel like a financial strain but a value-add to businesses, and our pricing reflects just that.

Our journey thus far reaffirms our belief that what clients truly desire is reliable marketing services from local providers at a fair price – a principle that Brand Ambition holds dear.

With a fortified team, robust partnerships and a portfolio of successful campaigns, Brand Ambition is steadfast in its mission to provide exceptional, results-driven marketing services to SMEs.


For more details, visit https://brand-ambition.com/.